Sell Your Home Faster

A well-staged and ready to show home will showcase the highlights of your home, resulting in a quicker sale for more money. Staging your home inside and out increases the desirability of your home, which positively influences the buyers decision-making process resulting in more offers and a higher selling price.

Keeping your home in showing condition isn’t easy but it will result in higher offers and a quicker sale. A successful home staging process requires a good plan, this page outlines some steps that will give you excellent results. Please contact us for a free Home Staging Consultation and Comparative Market Analysis for your home.

Home Staging Tips to Sell Faster

Home Staging Basics:

  • Remove family photos, this will create space and cut down on clutter, giving the home a cleaner look. Potential buyers will want to imagine their own things in your home and by eliminating your personal mementos you give them the ability to place themselves into those spaces.
  • Paint the walls and trim a neutral color after removing wall clutter, and repair all holes.  Fresh paint makes your home appear much cleaner and a neutral color will appeal to a broader range of buyers.
  • Create a welcoming smell in your home by using light scents and candles to replace any existing odors which may discourage potential buyers. Place candles and air fresheners in strategic places – by the garbage in the kitchen, in bathrooms, and in entry ways. Lighting the candles before a showing can create an enticing environment when entering the home. Avoid using candles or air fresheners with heavy scents, keep it light and airy. Empty your garbage daily and avoid cooking meals with strong odors, such as fish, onions, garlic, cabbage, etc.
  • Clean your windows (inside and out) and blinds, and ensure they are functioning properly. Open all the blinds before a showing, clean windows and open blinds bring more light into your home and make smaller spaces look larger.
  • Imagine your home from the buyers perspective and take the time to repair holes in the wall, replace broken windows, replace light bulbs, put lubricant on squeaky doors, fix sticky drawers, etc.
  • Inspect your home using a professional inspector, and make any necessary repairs. You can present the buyer with the inspection report and list of completed repairs to help negotiate a higher sales price.
  • Create more space in your house by either rearranging or removing some of your furniture.
  • Keep your floors clean by vacuuming carpets and hardwood floors, and cleaning tiles and grout all over your house.  Keep tables and furniture free of dust.
  • Rent a storage space and store any seasonal clothes and boxes. Remove all visible storage boxes from the closets and garage.
  • Use mirrors generously. You can hang a mirror at the end of a long hallway, opposite the bathroom vanities, and on a large windowless wall. Mirrors will appear to push the walls back and make the rooms look bigger.


  • Minimize clutter and keep counter-tops clear. Place everyday items in cabinets or drawers.
  • Utilize organizers for cabinets and drawers to create a cleaner look and make small spaces appear larger.
  • Remove and store all small kitchen appliances like toaster, blender, coffee maker.
  • Take all pictures, magnets, drawings, etc off of the refrigerator.
  • Fix any broken counters, cabinet doors, shelves, and drawers.  Grout any loose tiles.
  • Ensure the stove-top and the oven are clean and replace the burner pans.
  • Keep the sink clean and store all soaps, sponges and supplies out of sight.
  • Check that all the bulbs are working properly and replace with high wattage bulbs if more light is needed.

Den, Family Room, Living Room, Sunroom

  • Minimize clutter and keep furniture, coffee tables, and end tables clean and clear.
  • Store any media (such as DVD’s, CD’s, books, magazines) out of sight.
  • Keep all surfaces dust free.
  • Keep ashtrays and pet bowls out of sight.

Dining room

  • Remove any place settings or decorative items, other than a centerpiece, from the dining table.
  • Remove and store any extra leaves for the table, it will make the room look bigger.
  • Minimize clutter in and on any china cabinets or other furniture.
  • Keep the table and furniture dust free.


  • Minimize clutter and keep the counters clean. Place toothbrushes, soap, razors, etc in a drawer or cabinet.
  • Leave a new bottle of hand soap or a clean bar of soap, a hand towel, and a light scented candle on the counter.
  • Keep shower stalls and tubs clean and empty except for the bare necessities.
  • Always keep the toilet lid closed.
  • Empty garbage cans everyday and keep cleaning supplies out of sight.
  • Repair all plumbing, faucets, running toilets.  No drips!
  • Clean or repair/replace caulking around tubs, sinks, counter tops.
  • Keep shower curtain clean or replace with a new one.


  • Make the beds daily. Replace bedding if necessary. Store any extra bedding out of sight.
  • Clean and clear clutter from on any night stands, dressers, or other furniture.
  • Remove all clothes from the floors and keep any magazines, books, and personal items out of sight.
  • Close all closet doors. Keep the closets neat by arranging items well and removing any clutter from the floor.

Outside the house

Curb appeal is very important, the buyers form their first impression of your home as they arrive.

  • Keep the lawn and landscaping manicured and trees trimmed. Keep everything watered to avoid brown/dead spots.
  • Plant seasonal flowers/plants in front of your home and create an inviting entrance by putting a mixed planter by the front door.
  • Paint the house and trim in a neutral color that is consistent with the rest of the neighborhood.
  • Paint or stain your front door in an accent color.
  • Pressure wash the roof, if necessary, and clean the gutters.
  • Pressure wash the driveway, front walk and porch, and the patio and/or pool deck in back.
  • Repair any broken or loose fence panels or gates. Pressure wash the fence if necessary.
  • Clean and organize the garage, and remove any cobwebs from the corners. Lubricate garage door and opener if necessary.
  • Remove any unnecessary clutter, boxes, bins, and bags and put in storage.
  • Decorate the patio with seasonal flowers/plants and arrange patio furniture into a warm inviting living space.